Abandon, March 2011

Tell the story behind your band. Who is involved and how you’ve gathered together?

Abandon started in late 2008, when Andy and I (Francisco) met in college, and we were both into hardcore, and we were both vegan and straight edge, so we decided to start a band. Our friends Cody, John, and Anthony joined. Before the demo was released, John left and Colbey came into the band. We then toured, and started creating the songs for The Death of Urgency. After the LP, Cody left and was replaced with Sina. We toured again for the LP, and a bit after that, Anthony left, and Romeo came into the band.

Your debut LP was the first release of Death Of A Modernist Records. Tell about this cooperation.

Chris from Death of a Modernist is a good friend of mine, since we were both 15 years old. We had played in bands before, and he had been talking about starting a label, so we decided to go through him, and do all the art ourselves.

Do you have any plans on future recordings or tours?

We plan on recording one EP this year, another LP next year, and then hopefully going to Europe and South America in 2012.

What is that sample used for intro of «To Defy»?

It is the anthem from the anarchist syndicate, CNT, that existed prior and during the Spanish Civil War.

You’ve mentioned The Institute for Anarchist Studies in booklet. I’m reading essays they published now, thanks! Do somebody of you like to write?

All of us write, but we haven’t had anything published yet!

How was you introduced into DIY punk?

I am an immigrant to the United States, and when I was young, I saw the injustice and exploitation immigrants, both legal and illegal, face in this country and around the world thanks to globalization and capitalism. From then on, I started listening to Punk music.

As about such things like straight edge, veganism, anarchism. What was the way of developing of these things for yourselves? Which one was first? What did you questioned before you got into these ideas/philosophies and after? What notable positive or negative things you’ve faced on the way through and until now?

I think from getting into punk and hardcore music, and all kinds of different styles of DIY music, one gets exposed to different ideas. I first became straight edge, and then vegan, and of course I questioned aspects about this along the way, but now I am 22 years old, and at least I feel I have some of these questions answered. There is a lot of negativity in the hardcore scene, specially in straight edge, but there are also some very good positive aspects, just like everything else in life.

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