Точка отправления | NewsТочка отправления | Newshttp://straightxedge.ru/feeds/news-en/Wed, 01 Feb 12 22:24:06 +0400Wed, 01 Feb 12 22:24:06 +0400Interview with Greg Bennickhttp://straightxedge.ru/news/interview-with-greg-bennick-en/On 14th October, 2011 I made a small interview with Greg Bennick. That day, Trial were playing in V-Club (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), it was 28th and last show on their European tour. I asked Greg few simple questions. It was nice talk. I hope we’ll have a hundred more conversations like this.
Later on 21th December I asked him one more question through internet — about mp3 sharing.
Plus, I’ve included video of part of interview with Trial that was made in V-Club after the show — check it, it’s short and really good.

Interview with Greg Bennick, October 2011
Wed, 01 Feb 12 22:24:06 +0400
Anchor & Black Kites interviewshttp://straightxedge.ru/news/second-issue-en/Anchor (Sweden) and Black Kites (USA) in support of their European tours (Anchor is already touring and BK tour starts on 31/07). Hopefully, this materials will be needed and useful because of these tours. Enjoy reading and please spread the word about this site. Thank you.]]>Fri, 01 Jul 11 02:08:31 +0400Site is uphttp://straightxedge.ru/news/site-is-up-en/

I want to develop this project on regular basis and I really hope that many different stuff will appear here soon. From the begining I count that this will be collective project. So, if you want and ready to contribute — write to me. And it’s not important where you live.

I’m sharing two email interviews today — with Abolition from London and Abandon from California, USA. Enjoy your reading and look for updates.]]>Wed, 01 Jun 11 17:53:26 +0400