On 14th October, 2011 I made a small interview with Greg Bennick. That day, Trial were playing in V-Club (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), it was 28th and last show on their European tour. I asked Greg few simple questions. It was nice talk. I hope we’ll have a hundred more conversations like this.
Later on 21th December I asked him one more question through internet — about mp3 sharing.
Plus, I’ve included video of part of interview with Trial that was made in V-Club after the show — check it, it’s short and really good.

Interview with Greg Bennick, October 2011


Still working on site, but it’s getting harder because of long summer trips. We are sharing fresh and brief interviews with Anchor (Sweden) and Black Kites (USA) in support of their European tours (Anchor is already touring and BK tour starts on 31/07). Hopefully, this materials will be needed and useful because of these tours. Enjoy reading and please spread the word about this site. Thank you.


The idea of starting this project appeared last year. I wanted to build site that would help to spread information about current straight edge bands. And to do this on two languages at the same time, because it will reach wider audience and also help to establish connection between english-speaking and russian-speaking communities. I think, it’s very important to make information accessible and I urge everyone to spread this site’s content as wide as possible. Tell your friends about this site.

I want to develop this project on regular basis and I really hope that many different stuff will appear here soon. From the begining I count that this will be collective project. So, if you want and ready to contribute — write to me. And it’s not important where you live.

I’m sharing two email interviews today — with Abolition from London and Abandon from California, USA. Enjoy your reading and look for updates.